Chado (the way of tea) is the Japanese art of tea. The way of tea is mainly engaged in daily activities, but it takes much practice for this to be properly executed. Tha is why The way of tea can be defined as the Art of Living.

Chado is creating the right environment to enjoy a perfect cup of tea. Everything surrounding the serving of tea, even the quality of the air and the room where the ceremony is held, becomes a part of the taste. The perfect tea catches the 'taste' of the moment - the spirit of the season, the event, time and place. This happens during the tea ceremony or Chaji, during which the Way of Tea becomes a very special moment shared with all participants.

The continuing allure of Chado is proof of its profound significance for people of all cultures. The Way of Tea originated on Japanese soil, and represents the essence of Japanese aesthetics and culture. But people worldwide have discovered that life is better by practicing this ceremony, both by the spirit of the practice and the objects that emit this spirit and form an integral part thereof.

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