Would you like to give a Japanese inspired party and you expect Japanese customers or you just want to be sure that everything is correct?

Rely on our expertise, we ensure that your event adheres to the world-famous Japanese quality in both content and form.

You can freely choose from all options on this page, just advice or a complete event, everything is possible.

Japanese decoration

The Japan Centre offers authentic Japanese elements such as art (sumi-e), antique obi (belts), antique kimono, Ikebanapieces (Japanese flower arrangement), katana (swords), a samurai-armor, sake barrel and cups, and much more.

These are for rent, prepared for your event by us and packed and taken away afterwards.

Workshops & demonstrations

Give your guests or employees a memorable experience during a workshop of the Japan Centre !

Possible workshops :

Chado * ikebana * taiko * shibori * sushi making * furoshiki * koinobori * sumi-e * shodo * washi * gift packaging * butoh (dance) * kateiryori (home cooking) * introduction Japanese language * travel tips Japan * society rules and etiquette * making kites * Japanese lanterns * ...

Also take a look at the Workshops page.


Surprise your guests with a Taiko concert ! This form of Japanese percussion is visually stimulating and inspiring and has been admired by young and old! For more information take a look at the Tátake!-Taiko webpage.

Looking for a different form of Japanese music or artist ? Ask and we will do everything possible to achieve your desire.

Shakuhachi bamboo flute during Tátake!-Taiko Concert


Ontdek minder bekende Japanse kunsten in het Japans Centrum in Zoutleeuw ! Tátake Belgie, Vlaanderen Belgische Vlaamse Taiko. Taiko Belgie, Taiko Vlaanderen, Taiko Benelux, Taiko Europa, Taiko Europe, Taiko Belgium, Taiko Flanders. Japans drummen, Japanese drumming, wadaiko, japanse percussie, taiko, shimedaiko, odaiko, kodo, japan, japanese arts, japanse kunsten, taďko, percussion japonaise, arts japonais, japanese style, shibori, ikebana, events, furoshiki, japanse feestjes, eventbureau, feesten, évčnement, party, japan, japan, japan, japan, japan, japan, japan, japan, japan, japan, japan